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Rewards Clubs

We love to give back to our customers! Check out our sweet, sweet rewards deals below and start reaping the bounty!

Nibblins Rewards Club

If you love discounts on amazing handmade fudge, candies, cooking gifts and more, this rewards program is for you. For every $200 you spend, get $15 credit on your next purchase of $15 or more! Plus, you get email updates about specials, new products and classes.


Apply in store; then just give us your name* and we'll track your purchases!

*We never share or sell personal information.

Shakers and Bakers Club

For our dedicated chefs, join for just $25 per year and get all the regular rewards club benefits plus much more!

  • 10% off cooking classes

  • Catalogs mailed to you twice a year

  • Private Facebook group with our chefs and instructors

  • Members-only events once a quarter

  • Special sale days

  • Nibblins tote bag you can fill on the fifth Sunday in a month and get 20% off whatever fits in the bag

Drop by the store to apply!

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