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Private Events

A Fabulous Time Was Had By All . . .
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Looking for a unique way to entertain friends, family, colleagues or employees? Host an event where your guests can laugh, learn, and make memories.


We offer private cooking classes that you can customize for any party or celebration.

  • Birthdays

  • Anniversaries

  • Holiday parties

  • Wedding and baby showers

  • Work off-sites

  • Team building

  • Fundraisers

"Food was great as always and I love the little tips we picked up in addition to the actual menus, etc."


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More About Nibblins Private Events

Our expert chef will lead you and your guests through each menu item, sharing pro tips and culinary humor.

Make the party uniquely your own. Private events are completely customizable. You can choose your menu or select from our popular options. You can even include our famous handmade fudge, chocolates or low-carb pastries.


Guests can join in the cooking or cheer on the chefs. The classes leave plenty of time for socializing and celebrating.


And Nibblins parties are a snap to throw! We do all the setup, preparation and clean-up. We provide the ingredients, equipment, copies of all recipes, appetizers, sparkling water, coffee, sodas and party favors.*

* Appetizers and party favors may cost extra.

Team Building

Our team building classes put people in small groups where they can work together on the day's recipes. People get to know each other, learn cooperation and creativity, and at the end, everyone enjoys the delicious results.

It's a great way to relax after off-site meetings or just take some time out to create new bonds.

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