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Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes are starting again in September!

Whether you’re an accomplished chef or a budding culinary artist, Nibblin’s has a cooking class for you. Our courses include traditional menus, exotic fare, sweet delights and general techniques such as knife skills or healthy eating.

All courses include:


  • Class menu

  • Tastings

  • Complementary beverages

  • Printed recipes with room for note-taking

  • 10% discount on in-store purchases for the course day and the next day

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"Just took a Thai cooking class at Nibblins tonight.  This is a great place to learn how to cook different types of food.  I highly recommend the Thai Cooking will not leave hungry, and if you do, you only have yourself to blame."  

- Tim

Class Types

Step in and start cooking! We’ll create these recipes together for hands-on learning and delicious fun. While some basic prep work may be done before class, students work in teams to complete each menu item.


Please wear flat, closed-toe shoes for hands-on classes.


If you love cooking with friends, this class is for you. The menus are specially designed to accommodate those who want to cook along with those who just want to watch the action. And we leave plenty of time for socializing with a glass of beer or wine.


This class is your live cooking show. Sit back and watch our expert chefs demonstrate recipes, techniques and pro tips as they concoct a delicious meal. And yes – you’ll get to taste everything!


Students don’t cook in this class, but there will be a break around the halfway point.


For serious chefs, these classes offer hands-on practice with specific skills. Our instructors demonstrate professional techniques and coach your abilities to the next level. We’ve specially designed the menus to help you work on each skill.


Looking for a fun, unique experience for your family, friends, employees or clients? Treat your group to a customized cooking class. With our extensive library of recipes and expert instructors, you can adjust menus and select the options that’ll create an unforgettable event.


Make memories for you and your kids with our family classes. Junior chefs aged 6-11 team with parents to create their own culinary masterpieces. Kids learn basic cooking skills, and everyone gets to enjoy the delectable dishes.

"Everything was wonderful, I can't wait to take another class . . ." 

- Jackie

** If you need information about our classes or have questions, please contact us.  Courses without the minimum number of students may be rescheduled or cancelled 48 hours before class time.

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