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As part of the Shenandoah Valley community, we’re committed to helping non-profits with your fundraising efforts. Here are some hot ideas for your events; you can select one of these or contact us to create a solution perfect for your group.

Gift Certificate Giveaway

We’ll create custom gift certificates to share with your members, friends and family. Shoppers who use the certificates in our store for chocolates, candies, cookbooks and gifts will save money, and we’ll donate 10% of those sale profits to your organization.

Handmade Fudge Coupons

Our homemade fudge is a customer favorite. Your organization can sell coupons for a half pound of fudge at $6 each. You’ll keep $2.40 per coupon and your supporters can redeem the coupons for the flavor of their choice.

Fudge Partner Events

Get attention for your group. We’ll sell our much-loved handmade fudge at fairs, festivals, community events and large retail stores. We provide the fudge, equipment and staff to work with your volunteers and share the revenue with you (usually 25 ­– 40%, depending on costs).

Gift Certificate Mailing

We can help you mail out gift certificates, too! You provide us with envelopes, letterhead, a scanned signature and address labels. We’ll create the gift certificates and mail them out with the letters. And as always, your group will get 10% of pre-tax sales from the campaign.

Door-to-Door Fudge Sales

Take your fundraising to the neighborhood. We’ll provide the forms and details, and your team can take orders for our popular fudge from neighbors, family, colleagues and friends. At the end of the sale, just bring us the orders and payments. We’ll package the fudge and deliver it to your supporters.

Let's Throw a Party

We’ll stay open late one evening to throw a party for your group and let everyone shop for cooking gifts and supplies. Your group will earn 20% of the sales generated during the party.

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