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Master the Flavors and Techniques of Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street at Nibblins

Nibblins chefs Blair and Susan Dolinar never miss a chance to hone their craft and bring new culinary ideas to Winchester. That’s why they partner with Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street.

Christopher Kimball’s philosophy of cuisine invites foodies to incorporate global flavors and techniques into their dishes. He travels the world for inspiration and devises recipes with international flair that anyone can learn. He uses simple techniques and accessible ingredients.

Because Nibblins is dedicated to helping Winchester-area enthusiasts discover new recipes and rev-up culinary skills, we’ve partnered with Milk Street to bring you exclusive products and the renowned Milk Street Cooking School.

Milk Street master class with instructory explaining a new dish.
Milk Street cooking classes include hometown dishes with global flair and time-saving culinary techniques.

Nibblins is one of only two partner locations licensed to offer Milk Street Cooking School classes in Virginia. Blair and Susan train with Milk Street each year to pick up new skills, recipe styles, flavor combinations and inspiration. They share their knowledge through the Nibblins cooking classes, bringing unique Milk Street recipes and techniques to Winchester.

And in our store, you’ll find the Milk Street spices such as the Sichuan Salt, which includes Sichuan peppercorns, 5-spice pepper, musk white pepper and a touch of sugar. It’s great for seasoning poultry, beef, vegetable stir fries and even popcorn. You’ll also find a range of options like Coffee Sugar, Barbeque Rub and Smoked Paprika.

Nibblins offers Milk Street spices for local chefs to create dishes with unique flavor combinations.
Find unique Milk Street spices at our store in downtown Winchester.

More About Milk Street

Kimball was born in Vermont, but on his travels to other countries, he realized that “Ethnic cooking is dinner somewhere else in the world.” In other words, don’t be intimidated by “ethnic” recipes. All cooks can draw on cuisine from any part of the world for flavor combinations that intrigue the senses.

His recipes are designed to build layers of flavor, some contrasting with others to sharpen the dish’s overall impression. But he doesn’t believe in arduous, all-day cooking methods that keep you tied to the kitchen. Instead, he simplifies techniques and bases his creations on ingredients you can find nearby.

He produces a radio show, television show, cookbook and magazine. His website also hosts videos featuring live Q&A sessions, tips and how-tos and recipe demonstrations. Learn more at the Milk Street website.


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